Our Story

The Beginning


It all started with a six-pack of beers and a round of dissatisfaction. It was Friday night in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco; five dudes were drinking and waxing poetic about basic life necessities, ranging from work to clothing.

The five of us talked about how we were tired of using and wearing poorly constructed gear unethically made in sweatshops with low-grade materials. After outgrowing the band t-shirts and skate shoes of our youth, we wanted something more but also didn’t want to compromise our values. We decided to create an alternative.

Each of us threw down a grand and searched the city for sewing machines. We took over the shared living room of a small, San Francisco apartment and filled it with backpack prototypes.

We worked with a minimalist style and eventually reached a few designs that we took to Kickstarter. Modern Industry was born.

Why We're Awesome

Small Batch Production


We work in small batches because we can. We don’t have to meet the minimums of a factory and we don’t have to rush through clients. We have the unique ability to create goods in small runs, which means we can attentively monitor the quality of everything we produce.

Designed for City Living


Our gear is created with the urban adventure in mind. The clean design and comfortable fit is ideal for an active night out or an industrious day at work. Our signature minimal aesthetic separates you from the pack in the sleekest way possible.

The Greatest Materials


Our responsibly selected materials will handle all the elements of urban life and become uniquely yours with age. Built with Martexin Original Waxed Canvas, the best in the business, and mil spec Raptor Buckles, our goods have character, just like you.

San Francisco


Like most people in San Francisco, the MI dudes are transplants. We were drawn to the progressiveness, diversity and creativity for which SF is known and celebrated.

SF has gone through some noticeable changes though; rent prices are insane and even finding a studio space is damn near impossible. It would have been easy to pick up and move but we didn’t. We’ve grown roots in this city and we want to do our part to keep it alive and diverse.

We want to create skilled labor jobs and resurrect the manufacturing industry that once thrived here. We want San Francisco to STAY STRANGE by keeping its eclectic and creative magic.