1. Water first, with gentle brushing or scrubbing
  2. A little soap on small areas, if you absolutely have to
  3. NO detergent… ever
  4. Don't dry clean, dry cleaning sucks anyway
  5. If your bag gets sad apply a little Martexin Original Wax Refinishing Ointment with a bit of heat
  6. Don't coddle your bag it's tough, use it!


Modern Industry bags are made out of Martexin Original Waxed cotton, proudly made in America since 1838. This is a highly specialized finishing process that uses food and pharmaceutical grade waxes resulting in a highly technical, completely non-toxic fabric. Often these fabrics can be used for years without needing to be washed.

If you do need to clean your bag, try water first. You can hose it off, use a cloth or scrub it with a soft brush. If you have something really stubborn you can use a mild soap just stay away from the detergent.

Over time the wax finish does wear and you may get some bare areas. You can refinish these with Martexin Original Wax refinishing ointment. Just rub on the affected area and let sit for a day or heat gently with a hairdryer to speed things up.