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Lucero at The Fillmore Lucero at The Fillmore 4/12/13 Poster

Nights like these, as they often do, happen on a whim. Patrick and myself spent the day putting a pound of flesh into the machine, paying our dues, when we got the news that Lucero were in town. Well all it took was a glance and a nod to know where we would end up tonight. After a few budget beers in the comfort of my living room, we made our way to the corner of Fillmore and Geary.

Between the two of us, we've probably seen this band a dozen times, but never in a venue like The Fillmore. With its past legacy and continued prestige, it remains one of the United States' best places to experience live music, and it was cool to see Lucero pack the place out.

Lucero at the Fillmore 2013 Lucero at the Fillmore 2013

The band blew through a lengthy set that included songs from nearly every album as well as their now infamous cover of Jawbreaker's "Kiss the Bottle." The audience responded in kind, although they really livened up toward the end during standouts like "The War" and "Tears Don't Matter Much."

It's always interesting to go through a hard week with no Friday night plans, only to end up with a surprise evening out with professional drinking buddies, Lucero. Cheers!

This video is not from last night, but it's just plain good…so watch it…

Look! A real ticket stub! Look! A real ticket stub!

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