Easter Brain Hunt!

Whether you're into pilfering rabbits, over-sexed Ishtars, or zombie Jesuses, I hope your day has been a good one. I've been doing a little egg hunting of my own today making a short list of my favorite resurrection films. Some of which you've probably seen and others you may have never heard of. So fortify your house and break out your zombie survival gear, we're getting undead…

1. Zombi 2 (Lucio Fulci)

This is the quintessential Italian zombie flick. Marketed as a sequel to George Romero's Dawn of the Dead (known as Zombi in Italy), Zombi 2 has zombies attacking by land AND by sea. It famously contains...

- squeamishly slow splinters through eyeballs

- zombies vs sharks (!!!)

- a killer synth soundtrack

- "flower pot" zombies

- awesome Italian overdubs

- 70s beach babes

- tons of extended gut munching


2. Les Raisins de la Mort / The Grapes of Death (Jean Rollin)

Wanna see something weird? Looks no further than the work of French maestro, Jean Rollin. Not that it follows any real logic, but the basic premise is that of a vineyard where a new pesticide is turning the simple town folk into crazed killers with intense acne issues. Yep, that's right, wino zombies!

- more bizarre overdubs

- frequent face melting

- zombie lynch mobs who seriously hate blind people

- smoking' French babes (they have torches!)

- pitchfork karate

- public intoxication to a murderous degree


3. Day of the Dead (George Romero)

Ok, let's get to it. I know Night of the Living Dead started the zombie craze and Dawn of the Dead is the general fan favorite, but dammit, Day of the Dead is the true cream of the crop. It's a complete gross-out the from the first scene without losing sight of the story and blatant social commentary. It's a masterwork of the genre. Bravo! We gots…

- gator zombies (yeah, that's right)

- cattle zombies

- hero zombies

- mad scientists

- evil GI Joes

- zombie shaving

- arm hacking

- skull shoveling

- brain zapping

- the most gut munching you've ever seen or would ever want to see

- bad Jamaican accents

- another incredible synth soundtrack

- so many potty-mouthed expletives that I'm blushing just thinking about it


4. Return of the Living Dead (Dan O'Bannon)

Do you wanna party with zombies? Well here it is, the most fun movie ever made about the living dead. It came out the same year as Day of the Dead and split zombie fans in certain ways. This is the flick that introduced running zombies and the idea of zombies craving brains. For better of worse, this flick is amazing. I mean, check it out…

- military made zombies, so you know you can trust 'em

- quotable zombies ("Send more paramedics!")

- naked living people

- naked dead people

- naked undead people

- Clu Gulager

- rocking soundtrack (The Cramps, TSOL, The Damned, 45 Grave…)

- Clu Gulager

- the infamous tar-man zombie

- epic zombie swarms

- and Clu Gulager


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