First Things First

 taylor_coffee_01sNow that we’ve gotten all of the institutional shit out of the way, what’s next for Modern Industry?

Well, our path forward is being informed by three key goals:

  1. Communicate and Deliver Value. We must do a better job of creating and communicating our value and passion to you: our friends and customers.

  2. Differentiate Modern Industry in everything we do.  If people confuse Modern Industry for Chrome or Mission Workshop, etc. we are not doing our job.

  3. Develop Community.  We began Modern Industry to serve our community.  We want our work to be a participatory conversation that evolves and grows with our users.

Mike Working

Here’s the big picture

We want to create a new kind of town square. This will be a community of like minded people working to create an experience that enhances our lives. This must be a place where you are rewarded for participating in, growing, influencing, and contributing to the community in order to maximize value for yourself and the community as a whole.

We must constantly evolve, starting with a business model that effectively integrates user participation and validation. We want you to contribute to what we’re building here, and I don’t just mean by buying something... of course we’d appreciate that to. In order to do so, we must create a product development process that integrates our users as much as possible.


We need to create a clever, aspirational brand story that oozes with passion. This message must effectively convey our value in a clear and concise manner. If we do this well, every interaction you have with Modern Industry should result in the you saying, “Oh shit, that’s cool.”

Branding, Marketing, and Web design must work together to present our brand story in a clear consistent manner, evolving with the business model. This story should challenge our understanding of the tools at our disposal to create experiences that push the boundaries of user engagement and interaction. In all of our activities, we must be candid and honest, giving you a look into how we work and providing you with opportunities for input early and often.


This matters to us because our vision is to change the way you think about business through passion, innovation, and the drive to do shit better.

So we’ll know we’re successful if we can generate enough monthly income to financially support the 5 Modern Industry partners  by December 2013 (we’re not talking anything extravagant here.  We just want to be able to pay our bills, eat out occasionally, and go to a few shows every month.)


Thus, the single-most-important take away you should have from this experience is Modern Industry is a community of like minded people working to create an experience that enhances your life.

Our competitors will wince at what we’ve created and punch themselves in the face because they’ve been off building products and brands while we’ve been building emotional bonds.

We all know this will be really difficult because we will be forced to challenge our understanding of our tools and our assumptions about our brand but let’s do it anyway.


What the Hell Does That Mean?

When we started Modern Industry we did so not to get rich quick or some other dickish reason.  We did so because we wanted to give back to the people and communities that have enriched our lives.  We did so because we wanted to do work that we enjoy and that we could feel good about.

I just laid out a completely abstract concept about what we think we need to do to achieve the goals we laid out when we started Modern Industry.  Taken at face value, it doesn't mean much, but it does serve as a guiding light.  A North Star that points us in the right direction and sets the path we need to take to find the right answers.  Every day, we hope to find one more.

By the way, I wanted to thank Devin Liddel of Teague Design.  In his article “We Killed the Design Brief, Let’s Bring It Back,” he outlined the framework that I have used here to describe our future plans.

Now back to the music.  This time it's Cartel.  This is a killer week for album releases.

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