Reebok Pump Fury

So... Taylor saw some old school pumps on the bus the other day and Instagramed a picture of them. Which sent me on a trip down memory lane straight to a summer track meet at Strathcona Composite High School, where I was probably running the 3000. But was really sticking out for me was how proud I was to be rocking my brand new Reebok Pump Furys. They had carbon fiber under the arch instead of a regular midsole and no laces! all the tightening was handled by the Pump system. These shoes were seriously pimp and they lasted me about 2 days before the carbon fiber cracked and the shoes just folded in half. Anyway, for some strange reason I still reserve a place in my heart for these shoes and as it turns out...
Pump Fury Old School
Reebok brought them back: Now you can pick you own custom colors! So I went and tried to recreate how I remember the ones I had.




February 13, 2013 by Lorris
Tags: Design
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