Let's Start the Takeover

IMG_0869Starting Modern Industry has been a learning process.  I am reminded of that every day, but perhaps never more than today. I am currently in the process of developing our strategy for the next year.  It may be flawed, incomplete, and a little bit amateurish, but it will be awesome nonetheless.

Obviously this a humbling experiment. So, why do we do it? We have passion to do shit differently. To do better for our communities. To be better people. To build a better company; to provide a conduit for others to do better. To leave the world a better place than we found it. Finally, an optimistic outlook in the face of an increasingly cloudy forecast.
Live Uncompromised
The rules that govern workplace culture are shortsighted. They are governed by fear and a need for power. The costumes we wear rob us of our individuality, creativity, and, ultimately, productivity. They subjugate our diverse talents and abilities in the name of order and the promise of efficiency. But lets face it,  that promise is a lie. In these restrictive environments, we do not prosper. We become disgruntled, tired, and angry. We can do better.

Now, I don’t presume to think Modern Industry can change prevailing business culture anytime soon. We can, however, build products that help you challenge that culture. Our products do not force you to fit some predetermined, outdated mold for adulthood. Our products let you be the person you strive to be in any situation you may encounter. You shouldn’t have to sell your soul to earn a paycheck.

IMG_6829We want to build the products you deserve
Most of the things you buy suck. They are made with harmful materials. They fall apart or become unusable in a matter of months. They do not deliver on the promise that they make to you about the benefits they will provide.

On the surface, our products may seem pretty expensive. I couldn’t afford most of them right now, but they are that way for a reason. First we start with innovative designs grounded in the study of you: our friends, our inspiration, and hopefully our champions. If we can’t bring new value to a product, we won’t build it.

Next, we use the best materials we can find. We search high and low for the perfect combination of sustainability and performance to bring you the best solutions currently available. It is this combination of technical features and heirloom quality materials that make our products unlike anything else on the market.

For the production of the bags, we have partnered with an American manufacturer that has been in business since 1977. They make products used by soldiers in the US military and crew jackets for airlines that travel over the north or south pole. Lives literally depend on the things they make and our products meet these exacting standards.

Business Sucks.  Lets Break it.
The preponderance of overwhelmingly shitty product options is not the fault of any one person.  No designer wants to create a crappy product. It is the fault of the systems that allow, even encourage these products to be created.  We won’t stand for that kind of thinking.

We work iteratively. Much like the software companies that made Silicon valley famous, we build, test, and try again. We are constantly working to better ourselves, our products and our ideas.

We believe the action sports market is broken. You are growing up, but you shouldn't have to sell out.  You are proving that it’s possible to be a skateboarder and and accountant. To be a punk rocker and a school teacher. The brands you grew up with don’t care about how you live. We do.

We won’t stop there. The traditional retail model is broken. In that model, a bag that costs $50  to make costs you $500 after it goes through a series of middlemen to move from the factory floor to you. We are challenging that model. Our process has been streamlined. Our products go from our minds, to the factory, to you. That’s it. As a result, we are able to deliver you a higher quality product at a better price.

Let’s face it, selling things on the internet, even direct to you, isn’t that ground breaking.  But we are creative minds who know how to get shit done. We don’t think the current sales model makes the most sense for you, so we’re going to change it.  What does that mean?  We’re not sure yet, but rest assured it will be be better for you(think Netflix v. Blockbuster).  Because we believe in being open and honest with you, the consumer, we’ll let you know when we figure it out.
We’re making this shit up as we go, because that’s how innovation happens
Who gives us the right to make these statements? No one. What makes us think we are qualified to say them?  Absolutely nothing. We are not perfect. We are not infallible. We have a lot to learn. We do have three things that will help us overcome the challenges we face: hope for a better future, a thirst for knowledge and an overwhelming drive to do better.

We are Modern Industry.  We serve  those who live uncompromised, by designing premium products handcrafted in the United States, crowd-sourced and delivered at wholesale prices. We make heirloom quality products with the technical features that you deserve. Our products are ethically epically sourced and we don’t charge you for shit you shouldn't have to pay for.  The result is something unlike anything we've seen, and we’re just getting started.



If you like what you hear, take a look at our site. Hopefully it will start to look different in the coming weeks to keep you entertained and to better deliver our message and value. If you really like it, go to our store and make a preorder, because without you, we are nothing.

To Preorder go to: http://modernindustry.bigcartel.com/

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