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At this point, it should be no surprise to you that we’re into the music scene in a big way..... and we have been for a long time.  Frankly, I’m starting to feel like a could be a grandparent to many of the kids I see at most of the shows I go to.  This may be a result of the bands I like to see.  I like pop punk, wanna fight about it?

Despite that longevity, every once in awhile a band comes around that surprises me.  Sometimes that comes from a show, like Polar Bear Club, Thrice, and Rise Against did for me. Other times, its through an amazing single, like when “October Nights” by Yellowcard was mislabeled as a Rufio song on Limewire.  Much less often, I’m are surprised by and impressed with the concept of the band.  For me, FIDLAR fits this mold.

fidlar - The Band


FIDLAR stands for Fuck It Dog Life’s a Risk.  As someone who is ignoring logical thinking and the advice of people much wiser than me by trying to start a company from scratch, I can definitely relate to that mentality... though I’m not sure those are the words I’d use to describe it.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, FIDLAR is a garage punk band  that has been injected with a whole lot of fun and just the right amount of cheap beer.

One of my goals in life is to have the best time possible with the people I care most about as often as I can.  Living 3,000 miles away from most of my friends can make that difficult, but that just means we have to party harder whenever we get the chance (thank you Andrew WK).

Andrew W.K.

FIDLAR writes songs that help me capture that energy even on the most mundane days.  Why? Because virtually every song they record oozes with a "you only live once" attitude that takes me back to the best times I’ve ever had. Perhaps this mentality is the result of the bands chief influences, as noted by their Facebook profile, Coors Light, Miller High Life, King Cobra, Four Loko, Jameson, Taaka, Steel Reserve, Natural Light, Bud Light, Miller Light, Bud, Miller, and of course the venerable PBR.

Mike and I had the opportunity to catch their CD release show at Amoeba records here in San Francisco a few week ago(I know I have to get these things out faster) and we were incredibly impressed.  When the band hit the stage, I actually felt like I shouldn’t like them.  Based on appearances, they come of as the kind of LA hipster snob that I tend to detest.  After a few seconds I realized that wasn’t the case.  The way they played exhibited a kind of... wait for it... sincerity that makes them incredibly hard to dislike.... and really easy to love.

Rocking Out

Their performances and album are filled with energy and songs about enjoying life in the most unpretentious ways imaginable.  Their first single of their new self titled album, “Cheap Beer” is a stand out track.  This is true partially because the song is awesome and partially because it accurately describes much of my life over the past decade.  While I now enjoy plenty of good beer(Racer 5 is a favorite in case you want to buy me one sometime), I still drink way too much cheap beer.

If you’re in the mood for something a little different that will leave you with a smile on your face and ready to party, check our FIDLAR. If you really like them, check out their new self titled LP.

“I drink cheap beer. So what? Fuck you!”


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