Friday Night Rock Party - Black Cobra & Glitter Wizard @ Brick and Mortar

After a long week and a few mild hangovers, I wasn't so much in the mood for partying. I slipped into the entrance way of Brick and Mortar a little late as one drunken patron received a swift kick to the backside, sending him stumbling onto Mission Street.. Paid the standard fee and it was on to the action. East Bay rockers Lecherous Gaze were finishing up their set, so I missed getting any photos (sorry, dudes!). Glitter Wizard was up next. Decked out in costumes and strategic mustaches, these guys looked like they couldn't decide what fashion trend of the 70s they wanted to mimic the most. After a very tongue in cheek display, I still couldn't tell if they were sincere or mocking...while not my bag, the crowd definitely dug them.




A breath of fresh air and a set change, the packed club readied themselves for Black Cobra. Once on stage, a barrage of riff-fury ripped through the building like a storm of mortar shells. And in an instant, the pit erupted in full force. Got a few elbows to the ribs and good boot to the face, so an A+ show in my book! I've seen Black Cobra over a dozen times at this point and the whole experience gets better and better each time. The band gets more ferocious and tighter as the crowd gets more frenetic and fun. Cheers!






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