A Modern Retrospective: Lost Photos

Tonight I had a bit of down time and was flipping through my pictures on my laptop, thinking back through all the months we’ve spent working on this project. Seemed like maybe I should share a few gems with you, our loyal readers, a bit of a pre-launch retrospective. I know it seems early for a Modern Industry retrospective, since we have not even sold a single bag yet, but I’m going to do it any way.


Shot of an early prototype for a product that we axed early on. We may resurrect it at some point, I know Taylor wants to bring this one back!



Sylvester Stallone fabric I used as a lining for the above prototype. Great Discount Fabrics find!


 Top close of our very first factory sample, lots of issues here! The top closure method looked cool but was difficult to use and turned out not to be very durable. Also notice the sexy florescent green contrast stitching, ostentatious and, well… just plain ugly.



Woven Modern Industry logo, not all that clear, but probably the first actual physical thing ever to bear the logo!



Pat was not around when this round of samples arrived so I took this seriously professional self pick modeling the bag so he could see how it fit. I had to throw that shirt away last week, too many holes. Sad it was a great shirt, very Canadian if I do say so myself.

Here is a great shoot of Mike testing a prototype. Mike likes beer. Oh yeah and check mikes lovely locks!

I had to include this. Pat watching an only in SF wedding photo shoot, red dress, giant graffiti tree and vintage suit, classic!



Tony and Patrick hard at work last summer. Great temporary workspace!



Wall featuring very early wallet sketches and prototypes. We moved really quickly into prototyping with the wallets. This is a tiny fraction of the prototypes we made. We had not even started working in leather at this point.



Really strange early sling pack prototype. This had to be included purely for it’s strange form factor. Our current sling pack is really, really, ridiculously, good looking and a lot more practical than this one.


Leather! Supplies for more wallet prototypes, after a field trip to the South Bay to get supplies.



Picture of my very advanced pattern making techniques using a cutting edge white board and red marker. Had to take pictures of this stuff because the cleaning staff would randomly erase these boards overnight.



I totally forgot this even happened. This is the first ever brainstorm for Kickstarter video ideas. We are currently finishing up editing the video so pretty funny to see where it started.


Toasting a bagel for breakfast with an industrial heat gun at an early morning Modern Industry meeting. This technique is actually very effective and illustrates our commitment quality food preparation.



Pieces laid out for a mock up of the front panel of our flagship bag, more pattern making wizardry!



A stack of aluminum buckles fresh from the water jet. These are our own design CNCed for us by a shop in the south bay.

Hey! Thanks for watching! That concludes the first pictorial retrospective as compiled from my iphoto collection. Hopefully our upcoming Kickstarter campaign will be successful and we can all look forward to many more Modern Industry retrospectives.


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