The Modern Movie

We are getting very close to launching our Kickstarter site, which means we need a video. One that will grab people's attention and show them how awesome our products, and we, are. This beast will easily be one of our most important marketing tools to date. If it doesn’t deliver it will end up lost, and our project will eventually get buried in Kickstarter’s graveyard of failure. Of course, we are confident we collected enough amazing footage to create a video that will help us reach our modest goal.

Our plan was to film everything in one day. This started by collecting some shots of us showing how the different pockets and features of the two bags and wallet work. After dealing with some harsh lighting issues our amazing camera lady got the shots we needed and we moved to location number 2: Amoeba Music. After a 15 minute walk we arrived at the record store and I left the crew to get a much needed burrito (more on my search for the perfect burrito in upcoming posts).

Next, we got some skate footage around the corner from Amoeba and some biking shots in the park. We were rapidly losing light, so we hurried to film the bags being used on public transpiration and in Alamo Square in front of the infamous painted ladies. This all went relatively smoothly considering we’re new to this type of process.

Since the light was gone by this point, we finished up our day at the studio. We filmed all the magical things that happen there, and I mean all of them.

Somewhere along the line we decided each of us would sit down in front of the camera and answer questions interview style. This is where it got a little awkward. I’ve been to plenty of interviews, but something happens when you add a camera that makes this experience very uncomfortable.

All I can say in the end is thank you to Tiffany (our camera lady) for helping out, and that I’m looking forward to seeing what Taylor can transform this footage into.


November 27, 2012 by Mike
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