// So the San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers in the 2012 World Series  with two shakes of an unkempt beard. And even though the final game of the series was played in the Motor City, Giants fans flooded the streets of San Francisco after the win with great joy and fervor. Hurray!

We dealt with this kind of excitement 2 years ago. Burning trash and jumping on cars seem to be the norm when a professional team wins the big one, but what about plain 'ole vandalism and reckless destruction? That's the part of group celebration that I've never understood...at least not past my teenage angsty years (punx as fux!).

So this dummy in the photo takes a steel barricade and heaves it into the front window of a MUNI bus like he's Hacksaw Jim Duggan clobbering the Big Boss Man with a 2x4. Hooooooo!

The San Francisco Chronicle posted the above dummy picture online the next day and with a little internet magic, the guy was arrested on felony charges within hours.

Of course you have other dummies like this guy who helps torch a bus then poses for the camera with another bottle at the ready!

Dude! So the Chronicle set up a site to try and catch of these guys here. If anything, they're worth a look for the sheer stupidity of it all. I was living in Boston when the Red Sox won the series in 2004 and as this shit happened, the cops showed up on horseback, started shooting people with rubber bullets and gassing the crowd...even killing a girl. So I have to tip my Giants cap a little to the SFPD for not going that route.

Now if we can only get the 49ers to the Super Bowl...

// Taylor

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