Will Skate for Beer

// As usual, summer in San Francisco didn't come until October and it lasted about a week. I didn't really consider this when I left the city a few days ago with some friends and went to West Oakland. In the end, I'm glad I decided to give up one of my limited SF summer days to travel across the bay because I got to skate a park I had never skated and drink beers at a bar that has reached somewhat of a cult status in these parts.

DeFremery Skate Park is a really sketch wooden park where you need to watch out for holes, bent metal, and loose screws. Not to mention, I would be careful traveling in that part of Oakland after dark. This park is pretty fun regardless of these minor imperfections. I would even say that the backyard-ness is a major reason why I like it. After climbing through the "back entrance," which is just a hole in the fence, and warming up on one of the boxes, I headed for the mini-ramp. This thing is about 3 1/2' tall (if my decayed memory is serving me correctly) and is the main reason why I came out to DeFremery. It had been awhile since I skated a mini-ramp, so I spent most of the day on it. I can’t think of many better ways to spend a summer afternoon.

After reaching a point where landing anything was impossible because of how tired we were, we decided to skate over to Beer Revolution. This bar is one of those spots that locals will say you have to visit when going to Oakland. They have an amazing changing selection of beers on tap and in bottles; they also have a great front patio that was starting to fill up as the A's game ended. Try not to go with anyone that has oozing mouth sores though, since the variety of beers makes sharing key. Also, Beer Revolution just happens to be directly behind another famous and recommended Oakland destination, Souley Vegan.

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