The Wallet Re-Thought

// Over the last 5 months we have made dozens of wallet prototypes - I count 47 currently sitting out at Modern Industry HQ. The genus of the wallet started as rough paper prototypes then moved to fabric and lately we are making them out of leather. You’d think after all that we would have settled on a final design. Well, to tell you the truth, even we even thought we’d settled on a design and were simply working on streamlining production. But Patrick “Big Ideas” Healy mentioned an obvious but untried idea, so I immediately drew up a very polished pattern and handed it to Taylor with the very specific instructions of “make it like this."

Taylor hit the Modern Industry “cutting floor” and did a great job interpreting my chicken scratch.

Next step hit the “Singer” and then hand finish the corners. Nothing like a needle and thread to put the final touches on a quality wallet made right here in San Francisco by us.

The latest wallet prototype is even better than what was already a pretty great design, still slim, but a bit cleaner and a touch easier to get your cash in and out. We now think we have our final design but who knows when inspiration may strike and here at Modern Industry we are always looking to make good better.

Till next time, watch that bulge in your back pocket...


// Lorris

October 03, 2012 by Lorris
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