// I think it’s safe to say that every designer has curated a collection of websites they frequent for inspiration. I have developed a pretty solid collection myself, which has grown and shrunk with new discoveries and changing interests. Most of the sites I’ve found do seem to focus on a specific style though, so I’ve tried to round up a diverse group and not get caught up in one trend. Below are some favorites and deeper cuts for you to visit and generate some creative energy or just kill some time at the office. Hopefully you find something new.


// designspiration A great site that I probably visit more than any other. Since users submit the content, there’s new stuff all the time. You can save collections of images and search by color, which I have never done, but I guess might be helpful.


// graphic-exhange site covers a range of design, including graphic, web, and interior. Run by Fabien Barral, “graphic-exchange is an alternative to the ‘links only’ web site, showing you the a selection of work directly on this site.”


// artistaday Pretty much what it sounds like. They highlight a different artist each day, showing some pieces and giving a little background. I like this site because they cover current artist beyond the "superstars" that some other sites focus on.


// wooster collective I've been going to this site for nearly a decade and it has yet to disappoint. They have some of the best coverage of street art from around the world.


// fecal face The essential San Francisco art blog. This site has definitely helped me stay aware of what all our favorite artists are up to between issues of Juxtapoz.


// illustration served Part of the Behance network, this site shows a selection of great illustrations from Behance members. Also check out their other served sites for web, typography, packaging, etc.


// thinking form One of the more refined blogs on the list. This site is perfect for anyone into design history like I am. They cover different creative professionals, mostly from the last century.


// hard format This site is awesome. It showcases work that happens in that great place where art/design and music meet.


That's all for now.

// Mike
September 25, 2012 by Mike
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