I am an Outlier

// I am a t-shirt and jeans guy.  If possible, I would wear jeans every day to every event. Thankfully, I am in a position in life where that is almost always possible.

Unfortunately, as a society we have deemed denim to be a workwear, casual fabric.  As such it is unacceptable for certain occasions.  I typically buy dark, rigid blue denim.  While these considered “dressier” than say the acid washed variety, I’m willing to bet my friends Anne and Ashley would not have been happy if i had worn them to their weddings.

As much as I love denim, my jeans are not durable enough for my semi-active lifestyle.  Now, this is not always a problem.  When I get a hole in the knee, I’ll keep wearing them.  On the other hand, a hole in the crotch is pretty much a non starter.  I can not be held accountable for any problems with my undergarments.  As a result, I buy 6-10 pairs of jeans a year.  While the jeans I buy are typically in the $50 price range (or take advantage of a friend’s discount... shhh...), buying 10 pair a year can get pretty costly.

Today, I bit the bullet and bought a pair of pants from Outlier.

We here at the Modern Industry have been fans of Outlier since we first saw them on Core77 back in 2008.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Outlier is a Brooklyn, NY based clothing brand, founded with the intent of building the future of clothing.

Co-founder Abe Burmeister, was a graphic designer who biked to work.  He grew tired of torn, stained, sweaty pants and decided to make something better.  After an intense materials search and a trip to the Garment District, Abe started making pants, first for himself.  He then joined forces with Tyler Clemens and began selling to the rest of us.

Their new brand began unwittingly challenging the fashion industry by using innovative technical materials to make clothes that you can wear everyday.  They started with pants, then expanded to shirts and shoes.  If I could afford it,  I would fill my entire closet with Outlier apparel and nothing else save socks and boxers.

Their pants are not cheap at $188 but, there are good reasons for that.  Reasons that I can wholeheartedly support.  First, their materials are fucking expensive.  My guess is that the material in their pants costs as much, or more, than that Japanese denim people seem to love.  Additionally, their clothing, as far as I can tell, is still made in America... Fuck. Yeah.

While all of their clothing is intriguing, today I settled on the Climbers.  Aesthetically, they take elements of both slacks and jeans, then mix it with some more technical elements. I’ll go into more detail in a future post, but they look pretty fucking sweet, I have to say.  My only concern is that they might be a little too tight in the legs, which is the reason I can’t wear skinny jeans(not that anyone would want to see that).

It would be a lie to say that we here at the Modern Industry haven’t been inspired by Abe and company at Outlier.  Once these pants get here and I have some time to play with them I will be writing a review.  Don’t let me down.

// Patrick

September 20, 2012 by Patrick
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