A Diamond in the Rough

// Situated just a few blocks from the MacArthur BART station, sits one of the Bay Area's best kept secrets...although not for lack of trying. Eli's Mile High Club is a formerly infamous blues club turned punk bar that serves the stiffest drinks at the cheapest prices and hosts some of the East Bay's best underground punk and metal shows.

Apparently James Brown used to frequent the place back in the day. Now it's commonplace to find Oakland's patched up youth rocking the barstools trying to keep the Elmer's glue in their hair from getting wet. Where else in this overly priced city of ours could you get a beer and a shot for 5 bucks? Not to mention they keep a couple of stellar pinball machines ready for wizardry.

What's that? Paradise? Maybe after a few rounds of granddad's old cough medicine.

This has been a public service announcement from Modern Industry.

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