Mind the gap...

// Meanwhile, at Moder Industry HQ...

I've been working on fine-tuning how the bag tops are going to close. I always hate when your close the top flap on your bag and little gaps form at the edge unless you tuck it in just right and so here are our first attempts to do something about it!

My Main tool for the job at hand is a 1970’s Chinese knockoff of an antique Singer, it is loud, difficult to control and really heavy, but it can sew through just about anything and it has just the right number of sphinxes!

Patterns for the days sewing scrawled on the white board in a way that I’m pretty sure is undecipherable to anyone but me. Pretty sure I’m following all the relevant drafting conventions though.

Finally a peak at 3 versions of top geometries, one of these is close to working, but in true Modern Industry fashion I’m sure we will make about 50 more prototypes just to make sure we’ve tried everything. In the end I’m positive we will solve the pesky pack flap gap problem.

Tune in tomorrow...same bat time...same bat channel...

// Lorris


September 17, 2012 by Lorris
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