Work is the curse of the drinking class.

// You know, some times we are gonna write about bags, their design, construction, manufacture etc. and some times not. Like now, I’m writing about a great bar on Fillmore called Fat Angel (check ‘em out at I met a few friends there on Saturday for beer and dinner.

First impressions are everything and Fat Angel has a huge elk on the wall, need I say more, no probably not... but, I will. Their menu also has a great quote on it about alcoholics, some thing like, ~”An alcoholic is some one you don’t like who drinks as much as you do” A great start any bar menu, especially when they have 30 some odd IPAs on tap.

We had a number of courses of food, including a butter course, yeah you read that right, they have a whole section of the menu devoted to flavored butters! For drinks I started with a Judgment Day, Lost Abbey, Quad, which really kicked things off at 10%. Above their Draught list they have this saying:


Which is great, 'cause light beer is stupid. Get this though, a couple sits down next to us, clearly on one of their first dates, and I guess the guy could not be bothered to read the draft board. When the waiter comes he says, “just bring me the lightest beer you have on tap." We were just talking it over and decided that the waiter should have said that their lightest beer was at a restaurant down the street.

Anyway, great food, great beer and good times.

// Lorris

September 07, 2012 by Lorris
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