Ready, Set, Cure: Epiphany Through Squeegee

// There’s nothing that reminds me that I’m not getting any younger like being on my feet for 10 hours. I wouldn’t say I’m old by any means, but my back was definitely hurting like a decrepit geezer by the time I finished printing some simple promotional shirts the other day. A little over fifty shirts with the logo on the front and “Modern Industry” printed on the back sounds easy enough, right? Well, somehow screen-printing always takes 3-4 times longer than you think it will, or maybe it’s just me.

I can’t really complain though; the awesome dudes at Ocean Beach Print and Design were nice enough to let me use their printing facilities. Plus, I was able to use their water-based inks and soy-based cleaners for less than the price of a hacky sack (I think). And if that wasn’t enough to meet all the MI eco standards, I was sure to use American Apparel shirts while they’re still being made in America. Here’s to close, like-minded companies helping each other out!

Even though it took a good chunk of time to make these shirts, we will not be selling them. Sorry. They’re going to be given away, along with some other things we have in the works, as shameless promotional items. Don’t worry though, if you’re dying to get a Modern Industry shirt we will be creating some interesting illustration/design prints in the mid-distant future. Till we meet again...

// Uncle Mike

August 29, 2012 by Mike
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