Mods Night Out - Early Man / It's Casual / Shock Diamond / Satya Sena @ Thee Parkside

Friday, May 4th, 2012 @ Thee Parkside

// It's time to saddle up and head back to one of our favorite city spots, Thee Parkside. This time to check out LA's very own earthquake generator, It's Casual. This was the last date of a short run of shows with Early Man out of Brooklyn, and we wanted to catch the wave.

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We arrived early to see a new local Bay Area duo called Satya Sena, and so glad we did. These dudes were SCARY. Bassist Jason Hoopes and drummer Peijman Kouretchian assaulted us, stole our lunch money, and made no apologies. This is drum and bass the way it's meant to be, evil.

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A quick patio chat around a grilled cheese sandwich and a basket of tater tots (for real), we stepped back in for Oakland's Shock Diamond, who write country songs about kitties. Well...there are no vocals, so I'm only guessing as to what the songs are about, but it is definitely country! Like if Charlie Daniels was abducted by a group of militant heavy metal terrorists and force fed those blue pickled eggs from truck stops until he relented to pray at the altar of KK Downing & Glenn Tipton. This is the music he would make after his release. Damn, that was a good grilled cheese.

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Then it was time for It's Casual to kick out the jams like LA traffic. After burning through the first tune, stormbringer Eddie Solis told Mr. Soundman to shut off the PA while he proceeded to set his amps to "kill." Do Marshalls come stock with that setting now? The next 30 minutes are a blur. Pretty sure most of it consisted of us throwing horns in the air and jumping for cover as bombs exploded from the stage. They're releasing a split with next band, Early Man, in the coming months. Hurts.

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Early Man closed out the show with a blasting set of old school throw-back speed metal. Our resident metal geek, Taylor, says he saw Early Man years ago in Chicago, but they were only a two-piece. Is this the same band? With the Bay Area's rich metal history, it can be a tough place to win over, but Early Man did a fine job sweeping through like the thrash savages they are. Main man Mike Conte is launching his own label, aptly named Demon Problems, with its first release being a split with It's Casual. You'll need another psychedelic grilled cheese to beat that.

More photos from the show over at Flickr.

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