Prototype II: The Revenge

// After refining some minor flaws and doing away with a few things that just didn’t work, we’ve completed work on bag number 2. In this round, the twill is waterproof and the zippered front pockets are bigger. The textured indentations on the back panel have been reconfigured to be more comfortable, and the top handle is now a classic button clasp style.

Of course, now we need to test it out. After a quick stop by the corner store for a few bottles of Bear Republic's finest, it's off to the park. Our 'ole buddy Mike is our crash test dummy...I mean, model...

Success! The bag wears pretty well...even with the weight-shift of a full load. The the slim design keeps your materials close to your back and spread evenly instead of the usual bulge outward of typical backpacks. These are still just fun teaser shots, but Prototype 3 awaits...then we can show you a full evolution.

- The Modern Industry


May 07, 2012 by admin
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