The Idea

// It all starts with an idea, right? Something bold, efficient, and unique without being overly designed and tasteless. Something that will burn the lightbulb so bright that it wakes Thomas Edison from the grave! Turns out our lead designer, Patrick, had such an idea. A carryall that straps to your back with easy access to all the things you need when you walk out the door no matter what color your collar is. Yes! But isn't that a backpack? Well, yeah, but we're no dummies. We didn't just redesign the common everyday backpack you took to highschool or the man-purse you carry now. We invented the first ageless bag for rad people. You see, this new creation will safely house your computer, 11"x17" spreadsheets, case of lager, and even your skateboard...all without making you look like a pony with a unicorn on its back. Huh? Yeah.

Of course all this takes planning, prototyping, then more planning and prototyping. So while our sewing skills are sharpening, we'll entertain ourselves with this blog...maybe you'll even get something out of it too. Wait, of course you'll be getting this awesome bag that will surely help you defeat zombie Edison.

- The Modern Industry

April 17, 2012 by admin
Tags: Design
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