Do you support American Manufacturing? Prove it.

Labor Day, a holiday started to celebrate the contributions and achievements of American workers, is coming up this Monday. The true meaning of this holiday has been somewhat lost over time and now the day is more about getting great sales than recognizing American Laborers.

As you know, Modern Industry is a strong advocate for American labor, but it’s not out of some sense of blind patriotism or a marketing technique. We are dedicated to only creating American made gear because we want to be confident that the people making MI products are getting paid a living wage and are treated fairly.

It seems like a simple request, but a lot of companies (even ones that boast “made in the U.S.” for some products) choose to use overseas manufacturing. In doing so, they accept the risk that the people making their products are grossly exploited because of the lack of regulations in cheap overseas factories. Making products ourselves and using local factories, that respect the rights of their workers, is the best way for us to ensure our customers get a quality product by a company they can be proud to support.

We believe so much in this aspect of our business that we have chosen not to have a Labor Day sale. In fact, we are going to have a Labor Day Anti-Sale. All Modern Industry products will be $5 more expensive from Friday afternoon until Tuesday morning. So, enjoy your day off (unless you work retail, in which case you should strike) and go do something fun! All we ask is that you think about what supporting American labor means to you and not just this weekend, but year round. And if you feel compelled to show your love for truly American made products, check out what we're making.



The Modern Industry Dudes

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