The Missing Link

I’ve had the luxury of taking public transportation virtually every day for the past five years. The city I see today from my window seat on the N train hardly resembles the city I came to love five years ago. San Francisco is changing rapidly as Silicon Valley sprints north, invading the city. But those are not the kind of changes I want to talk about today. Google Glass is not involved, though a pair may have been harmed during the writing of this post. They deserved it.

No, this is a change in the world of carry. Five years ago, the messenger bag was the dominant carry solution for the denizens of San Francisco. Not so today. Today, San Francisco is a backpack city. And, much to my chagrin, the vast majority of these bags are terrible. They are poorly patterned, poorly proportioned, made using low quality materials, and uncomfortable to wear.

Here at Modern Industry, we are not content to sit by and let this continue. When we launched the Drive Rolltop in November, we have heard a steady clamor for a more traditional carry solution. Hearing your voices loud and clear, we developed the Link, a zippered daypack that’s actually worthy of you.

In some ways, the Link is the epitome of the Modern Industry ethos. We strip each and every product back it’s essence with the goal of providing the best possible value and the right features. Features that you will actually use. At the same time we don’t take short cuts. We take the time to make the right bag, even if it’s a little more difficult. Then we pull it all together using the finest materials on earth. This ethos culminates in bags that will look as good and work as well in 10 years as it did the day it arrived at your door.  

With this in mind we set out to build the best urban daypack on earth. To start that process, we took a look at  the existing market. While surveying the playing field, the shortcuts most brands take when creating a zippered backpack became clear.

In many of these bags, the front panel is exactly the same size as the back panel. Not only does this look awkward in real life, it causes a poor distribution of weight when the bag is full. Why do they do this? It saves time every step of the way from patterning, to cutting, to sewing. Efficiency for them, a worse product for you.

In a similar vein, many bag makers align the zipper to one edge of the side panel. Again, this design reduces the time needed to construct a bag and makes the sewing far easier, but makes it harder to get at your stuff inside the bag.

The final shortcut these brands make is with the straps. Take a look around. Most classic school bags use perfectly straight straps. Why? More efficient material use and vastly simplified construction. The result, however, is far less comfortable.

As you can clearly see, we do not take these shortcuts. Instead, we focus on making the best bags possible with the most valuable feature sets. In the Link, you get an aesthetically pleasing, functional shape that tapers from back to front. This is far more difficult to construct, but makes for a much better bag. Our zipper is aligned to the center of the side panel making it easy to get your stuff in and out of the bag. And, of course, we use our signature curved straps that we’ve worked so hard to perfect.

As always we’ve used the finest materials we can get our hands on. For the exterior, we’ve gone back our classic 10.10 oz. Waxed Canvas. Unlike the majority of waxed canvas on the market, ours is food safe, environmentally friendly, odor free, and feels great. Like your grandad’s leather briefcase, our waxed canvas gets better with age.

With the Link, we wanted to create a Modern Industry replacement for all those sorry daypacks that haunt my train ride every morning. We created a bag worthy of you. It took us a few tries, a luxury afforded us by our in house manufacturing capabilities, but we finally got it right. The Link is an everyday workpack that we would be proud to use. A bag that we are proud to call Modern Industry. We think you’ll agree. If you do, head over to the shop to pick up one for yourself.

Buy Less. Buy Better. Buy Modern Industry. 




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