Do You Trust Me?

Why don’t we trust companies we do business with? Should we? Now that we are savvy enough to realize that most of what businesses tell us is just bullshit designed to increase profits or mitigate disaster, does it matter? Should it?

These are the questions that keep me up at night. We founded Modern Industry because we were tired of giving our money to companies that we didn’t believe in. That we didn’t trust. That were outright lying to us.

And, perhaps, this deception isn’t that big a deal. I mean, we all know it’s happening. We know we are being manipulated. We should be immune to it right? As much as we like to think we are, we are not. We know it’s happening, but we can’t help but being influenced by marketing. Think about it, you’re sitting on your couch watching the Stanley Cup finals and a Pizza Hut ad comes on. Now you're fucking hungry. You ate dinner 30 minutes ago, but that commercial made you lust after triangular slices of cheesy goodness. After all, it is Friday, pizza day, best day of the week.

It’s gotten to the point that running a successful company virtually requires manipulating your audience. This is something we’ve struggled with from day 1. A marketer will tell you that they are just offering you value. Maybe they are, but did you really need to buy 12 cases of Steveweiser last month? If we didn’t know any better, would a mystery, generic beer taste just as good... or perhaps better? Should we be drinking beer at all (YES!).

When we were in design school, our professors preached that designing a great product was all you needed to do. “If you build it, they will come,” they told us. You hear the same thing when you read articles about “growth hacking” and “product market fit.” In reality, that is bullshit. Fantasy. If no one knows that you are making something cool they will not come to you. They will not buy what you are selling. You will not be able to make a living. Survive. Pay rent.  

At Modern Industry, we truly believe we are making something better. We believe the materials we use are better. The designs are better. The feature sets make more sense. Perhaps most importantly, we believe that the way we are making things is better. For you. For us. For the world.

We hope we are building a company you can trust. That you can believe in. If not, we are failing at our most fundamental mission.

Do you trust me?


This should be the theme song for 98% of the world's businesses:


June 13, 2014 by Patrick Healy
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