Better Than Eddie Vedder

SNFU is a punk band. SNFU is from Canada. SNFU simply is.

Though I’d been listening to the band since the early 90s, I don’t think I knew what the letters of their name stood for until the internet happened. SNFU stands for Society’s No Fucking Use. Better yet, SNFU stands for creativity and imagination in the often boring routine of punk rock.

In all fairness, the original band that formed over 30 years ago (holy shit pickles!) broke up around the time I discovered them, but through various new incarnations, the music of SNFU can still be heard on new records and tours. Carrying the torch fork for SNFU has been vocalist Ken Chinn aka Mr. Chi Pig aka the masked fu manchu (gesundheit!). He’s not only the mad lyricist of the band, but now the heart of SNFU. Now in 2014, armed with a new lineup, Chi is back on tour! That said, I don’t think they’ve played San Francisco in quite some time. So I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to see the band again.

Surviving various lineup changes, homelessness, and one hell of a drug problem, Chi still delivers live. The crazy antics and the unmistakable voice are still very much intact. The new touring band sounds great and even includes OG bass player Dave Bacon from the If You Sear, You’ll Catch No Fish album. How cool is that?

You owe it to yourself to check out their first new album in 9 years, Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You. It’s simply great. Not to mention the artwork is totally killer.

Thumbs up for SNFU.


Elbo Room
San Francisco, CA USA

June 06, 2014 by Taylor Keahey
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