Who Defines Your Sound?

There is a pivotal time in any music geek's life where one discovers "the sound." It means something different to each person, but there is no doubt that you know it when you hear it, the band or song that defines the music in your head. It's what you always thought bands SHOULD sound like. Many had gotten close before, but there is always one that not only turns that lightbulb on, it disintegrates the filament.

For me, that band is Floor. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, I always assumed great bands and lifechanging shows happened in lands far far away, like New York City or Minneapolis (yes). The truth is most of those moments, at least for rock music, happen in the spaces inbetween....the 'burbs. So when this band I loved back the 90s (still weird to say) reformed a few years ago, I broke the needle on my nostalgia meter and have taken every opportunity to see them live.

So have a look my "sound" and give a listen to their new album. Who's yours?


- Taylor


Elbo Room
San Francisco, CA USA

June 04, 2014 by Taylor Keahey
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