Twisted by Design: Crafting the Apex Hoodie

Modern Industry is poised to take over the world. To do so, we need evolve beyond our current lineup of amazing bags. This evolution will begin with the creation of the world’s best hoodie, handcrafted right here in San Francisco.

To begin the design, we outlined three primary aspects of the hoodie that we would be improving: the Fit, the Fabric, and the Function. The effort to improve upon these key elements resulted in the Modern Industry Apex, your new favorite hoodie. Let's look at how we approached each aspect of the design.


We were on a quest to build the perfect fitting hoodie. To start, we bought all of the hoodies we could find to examine what works and what doesn't in each one. 


This exploration illuminated a great divide in the hoodie market. Most hoodies are cheap, poorly constructed and ill fitting cotton jackets with awkwardly sized front pockets. The kind of thing you're most familiar with. We love them, but they're just not good enough. Surprisingly, some of these hoodies actually cost almost $200. It’s kind of ridiculous.

The other side of the divide is the performance hoodie. Performance hoodies aren’t really hoodies at all. They are unlined fleece jackets with all kinds of extra features that make them unsuitable to wear as an everyday hoodie. However, they fit far far better than your average American Apparel hoodie. Their three piece hoods actually fit a three dimensional head, though they tend to be awkwardly detailed for casual use. Oh, and they can cost over $300.

With this in mind, we began crafting the patterns and sewing prototypes of our own solution. I’ll be honest, some of the initial attempts came out looking pretty preposterous. We persevered and eventually came to something that looks and fits better than anything else on the market.


Our Apex hoodie is fitted and comfortable, not skin tight or baggy. We’ve added a few extra inches of length so your shirt doesn't peek out from underneath... and your backside stays covered as you move. It’s high arm holes offer a generous range of movement and look as good as a finely tailored suit. The arms are slim and elegant, but comfortable.


Obviously, there are hundreds of fabrics that we could use to make an unlined jacket. We knew we wanted this to look and feel like your classic hoodie, but provide some functional improvements. Sorting through our mountain of materials samples the solution quickly became clear: Merino Wool.

Merino is nature’s ultimate fiber. Our super fine, incredibly soft 16.5 micron merino puts your old cotton hoodie to shame. It’s naturally odor resistant and pulls moisture away from your skin keeping you dry. When the Apex Hoodie finally does need a good cleaning, it’s machine washable.

Merino wool is 6X stronger than cotton and you must wash it far less often. This keeps the fabric strong for years. Additionally, we've chosen to use an incredibly strong, but flexible stitching technique that allows the seams to move with you (and the fabric), instead of tearing like traditional hoodies.

It's Luxuriously Soft. Most wool is itchy and uncomfortable, but not our Merino. Our super fine Merino is softer than the cotton you’ll find in most hoodies. And it stays that way for much longer.

It’s Water Resistant. In a light rain, water runs right off of the fabric, keeping you dry. When water does seep through, the Merino fibers can absorb up to 30% of it’s own weight in moisture without feeling wet.

It’s Warm When Wet. Unlike cotton, Merino keeps you warm even when it gets wet due to the unique nature of wool fibers.

It Responds To You. Check out how:


Obviously, we’re not the type of people to just stop there. We wanted to make a hoodie that was actually better to use. After our initial exploration, we realized that this would be a challenge.

Performance hoodies are not the kind of thing you would wear on a daily basis in a casual environment. They are not suitable layering pieces. Their extra features make them just too bulky for that. Don’t get me wrong, some of these features are actually pretty interesting, in concept. They would work great in a rigid fabric like canvas, but they rarely work effectively in the soft, stretchy fabric that makes a hoodie awesome.

With the Apex hoodie, we wanted to create the optimal balance between an amazing feature set and a wearable hoodie. We've taken the best elements of a performance hood and relaxed the fit to create something that’s both amazingly comfortable and looks great. Our front pockets are spacious and won’t tear on you like most of your old hoodies. Inside both pockets we've added a headphone path that gives you easy access to your phone while keeping that annoying cord at bay.

The sum of these efforts is a hoodie that is mature and refined making you look like the well adjusted adult that you are.


Do you want a luxuriously soft, perfectly fitting hoodie that you can wear for 100 days straight without washing, wrinkles, or odor?  If you answered yes, this is the hoodie for you.


The Modern Industry Apex hoodie makes you look great, lasts forever, and feels amazing. It's made ethically right here in San Francisco out of the finest material nature has to offer. Oh yeah, it’s only going to cost you $95.

Now, we need your help. This past year has been an amazing experience for us here at Modern Industry, but we’re still not at a place where we can just throw down $15,000 to buy the fabric and pay a factory to bring this thing to life. So, we’re launching our second Kickstarter project.

As a sign of our gratitude, we are offering an amazing deal for earliest supporters. Our first 175 backers will get a special price of $85, $30 off the retail price and $10 off the Kickstarter price. We sincerely appreciate your support. We could not and would not be here without you.

Our Kickstarter campaign will launch this week. Stay tuned to our social media accounts to find out exactly when we launch. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to let you know.



Patrick, Taylor, Lorris, Mike, & Tony

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