The Impossible Past and Crafting Our Future

Our mission here at Modern Industry is pretty simple. We can't find the products we want, the products you deserve, so we build them. We build products that get better with age using the best materials we can find. Our products are built ethically and as close to home as possible. We strive to deliver the best possible value we can. This mission has guided everything we have done at Modern Industry from the start.

We believe this is how every company should operate, but this is not what you’ve been taught to expect. For the last 50 years, marketers have told us that we should treat everything that we buy as disposable. That our clothes should fall apart every season. That our cars should break after five years. That we need a new phone every two.

For vast majority of objects in our lives, this approach just doesn’t make sense. We don’t need more, but we deserve better. This approach is probably bad for business, but fuck it. Buy less, but buy better.

Working this way is never the easy solution. It would be much easier to build a bag out of Cordura and plastic buckles in a Chinese sweatshop. Sure, we’d have to buy 1000 at a time, but they would cost a fraction of what it costs us to deliver a heirloom quality, ethically made bag. A bag made by people who actually care about the product and your experience with it.

Our mission does not end with a great product. We started Modern Industry because we wanted to create the products worthy of you at a price you can afford. Every day, we are working to do a better job of delivering on that promise. You are not just our customers. You are our friends, our families, our community. That’s why we will always do everything within our power to make your experience with us and our products as amazing as possible.

For this reason, we do not have a published return policy. We know you are not all the same and you shouldn’t be treated as if your are. Instead, we have the freedom work with each of you to generate a solution that works best for everyone involved. When we make a promise to you, we do everything we can to keep it. While we don’t currently have the resources of many of our competitors, we have way bigger hearts.

This commitment to community extends beyond those who we serve with our products. It includes doing our best to contribute to our local community. For those of you who don’t know, San Francisco was once a pillar of apparel manufacturing on a global scale.

As brands like the Gap, Levis, and the North Face grew to become powerhouses of their industries, a vibrant manufacturing scene emerged to support them. These factories, numbering close to 1000, were staffed by tens of thousands of highly skilled employees.

Then, we abandoned them. Our corporate citizens welcomed new trade agreements that allowed them to joyously leave the United States behind in search of cheaper labor. Today, with fewer than 20 apparel factories operating in San Francisco, the local manufacturing scene is on life support.

Their loyal employees, who helped build these great American brands, were laid off. They were forced to take lower paying jobs, if they could find one at all. Though they were welcomed into our community, we did not prepare them to contribute to society in any way other than sitting behind a sewing machine.

All is not lost. Because of you and others like you, American manufacturing is experiencing a renaissance. We are committed to doing more to contribute to that rebirth.

With that goal in mind, we are preparing for the release of our first cut and sew apparel product. It will be made using the best materials we can find, made locally, and delivered at a fair price. Stay tuned over the next week to find out more. We couldn’t do any of this without you, but we still need your help to rid the world of the disposable crap that fills our trash heaps.

If any of this resonates with you, head over to our store and help rid the world of shitty things.
May 21, 2014 by Patrick Healy
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