2013 vs 2014, Fight of the Year

Looks like we survived our first year as a band…er business. From the success of our Kickstarter campaign to our full-fledged relaunch in August, each month of 2013 was more successful than the previous. What now? Where do we go from here? With our feet now firmly planted in the track blocks and the echo of 2014’s starting pistol ringing in the air, we’re racing to outdo ourselves in every way this year! So expect a new expansive product line, innovations to both new and old designs, and all the glorious Modern Industry antics you’ve come to expect amped up to 11. It’s long way to the top if want to rock n’ roll, and we’re not wasting any time!

Thank you to everyone who believed in us last year, bought our bags, wrote about what we’re doing, or cared enough to reach out to us. You guys are our foundation! Stay tuned for major updates as we march onward to show the world what it means to be truly handmade in San Francisco.

Modern Industry: No Slaves, No Masters

January 09, 2014 by Taylor Keahey
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