2013 SFMade Holiday Gift Fair - It Happened

Serving as the central port for the Korean War and World War II’s Pacific Campaign, Fort Mason once exemplified the United States’ readiness to stand up in the face of adversity. Now dubbed Frat Mason, it’s become a hub for pale guys and gals in polo shirts drinking Bud Light…you know, bros. It’s also the location for this year’s SFMade Holiday Fair, and we were there in all our plaid glory. Honestly, I have no idea why we all showed up with the same damn shirt on.

It was awesome talking shop and drinking mulled wine with all of you that stopped by. Being able to outfit you guys with Modern Industry bags was a real pleasure. It was only our second attempt at having a presence at these types of things, and we learned a lot. We’ll no doubt be around for more of these in the future as nothing beats talking to all of you face to face.

Now let’s get into the eggnog.


December 13, 2013 by Taylor Keahey
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