National Geographic - Gear of the Year 2013


NatGeo Goes Modern

From idea to fruition, the Faraday Tote has been a hit to us here at the Modern Industry studio. We use ours every day. While the ultimate compliment comes from those of you who have purchased one for yourself, it's always cool for someone outside the family to give us all a nod. Kind of like when a complete stranger tells you that your butt looks great in those pants or buys you a drink and bites their lip while pointing their finger at you like a gun, a love gun.

We were approached a few weeks ago by some small-time rag called National Geographic, who wanted to have a look at our new Faraday Totepack. We figured why not, and sent them a bag for review. Well, this past weekend, they chose the Faraday to be part of their Gear of the Year list. We're quite honoured to be featured among great company in a magazine we all grew up cutting photos out of. Thanks to all of you who've invested in a Faraday. NatGeo totally thinks it makes your butt looks great. Check it out...

National Geographic Gear of the Year 2013 - The Faraday Totepack by Modern Industry

If you don't have one, what are you waiting for!



- The Modern Industry Team

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