Please Exit Through the Gift Shop

We’ve been getting questions about why Modern Industry is shutting down. Without going into too much detail, I’d like to take a minute to address that here.

Modern Industry started out with 5 partners: Tony, Taylor, Lorris, Mike, and me, Patrick. Tony quickly decided that he didn’t want to work on Modern Industry full time and took a job with a pretty rad startup here in San Francisco. Early this year, Taylor and his family decided to move to Chicago to be closer to family. In June, Lorris moved to Australia with his wife who is working on her postdoc. That left Mike and I.

A few weeks after Lorris headed to Australia, Mike had a change of heart. He decided he wanted to pursue new challenges in his professional life, and that San Francisco wasn’t the place for him. As hard as it was to hear, I completely understand and support his decision.

So that left me. Did I want to keep running Modern Industry? Doing so would not be easy. All of our bags are made in house. There is no way I could make enough bags to survive and run a functioning business. To keep the business going I had two choices. I could triple our prices or hire people to help with manufacturing. But did I really want to?


What’s next for me? I’m still figuring that out. I’ve been inspired by the tech industry here is San Francisco. They are changing the world. I’d like to do the same. Now, I just have to figure out how. As soon as I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I am incredibly proud of everything we have accomplished over the past four years. We took $5k and turned it into hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. We’ve made thousands of customers happy. It has been incredibly fun and fulfilling. 

I want to close by thanking you. You made it possible for us to do what we loved for the past four years. It has been an incredible learning experience filled with good times and even better people. Thank you.

Thank you.

Patrick Healy

Co-Founder // Modern Industry

August 26, 2015 by Patrick Healy

Xmas Hoodie Update!

Hey Industrialists!

Hope you're as stoked for the holidays as we are! We just wanted to give you an update on the progress of the Apex Hoodie Project over the last week. As of today, the factory is finishing up the construction process by putting on the zipper! As they come off the production line, they will be checked for quality.

Based on the factory's predictions, we'll have Apex hoodies cleared for shipment tomorrow! We'll then begin shipping them right away and updating you with tracking info. So stay tuned as we work through the shipments...

December 22, 2014 by Patrick Healy

Passenger: Have Duffel Will Travel

No matter what stage of life you're in, packing some essentials in a bag and hitting the road can be the cure for what ails you. Business or pleasure, relaxation or adventure, we're all somewhat nomadic in nature. When your idea of travel involves planes, trains, and automobiles, nothing beats a good duffel and it's about time the duffel bag gets the Modern Industry treatment.

Utilizing the strength of #10 duct waxed canvas from the masters at Martexin and the uber cool parachuting power of Raptor buckles, the Passenger takes the simple weekender to the next level. Featuring an expandable rolltop design, you can pack light for the weekend or go full on for the entire week. We're talking a 30L+ capacity main compartment, 2 exterior accessory pockets with invisible YKK zippers, Horween leather wrapped handles, and a storable shoulder strap. BOOM!

Introducing the PASSENGER Duffel...




    November 20, 2014 by Taylor Keahey

    Do you support American Manufacturing? Prove it.

    Labor Day, a holiday started to celebrate the contributions and achievements of American workers, is coming up this Monday. The true meaning of this holiday has been somewhat lost over time and now the day is more about getting great sales than recognizing American Laborers.


    Skip School, Start Fights, Hit the Lights

    I still remember the first time I saw them play, this tiny band from Lima, Ohio. I had “discovered” them on Purevolume early that semester. It was just a few demos, but I was totally sold.

    It was the last day of spring semester in 2004. I had an exam scheduled for around 10 AM in Blacksburg, VA and a show the be at by 6 PM in Virginia Beach. I drove to the exam with my bags packed and ready to go. I flew through the exam, finishing first in the 100 person History of Architecture lecture hall (I aced it by the way.), and hit the road. I flew down the highway, first Interstate 81N, then Interstate 64E, stopping only when my bladder was on the verge of a spontaneous, involuntary eruption.

    The Spotify Effect

    I love Spotify. I really do. It’s easy to use and convenient. It gives me a low impact way to explore a huge library of music. Because this exploration requires so little investment from me, I listen to a broader range of music than I ever have. Surprisingly, I like quite a bit of it.

    June 27, 2014 by Patrick Healy

    A World of Planned Obsolescence?

    The day started out like any other day. I went to bed early the night before, so I was feeling pretty great. The sun was shining as I walked to the train station ready to take on the day. The train has been really erratic lately thanks to the MUNI “sickout” and the general dysfunction in the system, but as I approached the stop, I could see a train pulling up to meet me. I step on the train and find myself welcomed by an empty seat. This must be my day... or so I thought.

    June 23, 2014 by Patrick Healy

    In Levi's We Trust

    We don’t trust the people we do business with from. They make us all into billboards whether we like it or not. These are problems of our post-modern world that bother me, but for some reason they bother me far less than businesses who behave in a manner that is hypocritical. This is especially true for brands with the resources to actually do something about it...

    The Missing Link

    I’ve had the luxury of taking public transportation virtually every day for the past five years. The city I see today from my window seat on the N train hardly resembles the city I came to love five years ago. San Francisco is changing rapidly as Silicon Valley sprints north, invading the the city. But those are not the kind of changes I want to talk about today. Google Glass is not involved, though a pair may have been harmed during the writing of this post. They deserved it.

    No, this is a change in the world of carry. Five years ago, the messenger bag was the dominant carry solution for the denizens of San Francisco. Not so today. Today, San Francisco is a backpack city. And, much to my chagrin, the vast majority of these bags are terrible. They are poorly patterned, poorly proportioned, made using low quality materials, and uncomfortable to wear.